The Multi Prototyping Lab...
...Many Prototyping Machines In One!

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 The Multi Prototyping Lab is capable of Dual Additive 3D Printing (ABS and PLA), high-precision milling, extrusion deposition, drop-on-demand metal (including nanoscale) printing, plus much more. It is capable of producing fully functional prototype parts.

The Multi Prototyping Lab is able to produce prototypes completely in one machine. Not having to move the prototype from one machine to another provides many benefits including lower up-front cost, faster prototyping, higher accuracy, lower prototype production costs, plus much more.

MPL Reaches Space Competition Finals

The MPL has won a place in the finals of the NewSpace Competition, with a first prize of $100,000:


MPL Wins Award!

The MPL wins the Innovation Award at RAPID 2013 Exhibition!


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